Today my life has changed


My Only Son was studying for Medicine. The Education of my Son was ruined for a variety of reasons. For this reason I was planning to file a case against the College Authorities for Compensation at the high Court of Kerala, India. At that time I heard of a convention conducted by Br. Pappachan Pallath at the Indian Cultural and Recreational Centre, Qatar in the year 2003.

On the first day of the retreat Brother Pappachan announced that there was a man among the audience who has decided to go to court for a huge sum as compensation. He also added that the Holy Spirit says to the Man that he has to withdraw the case and Godís blessing was sufficient for him. I knew the message was for me and withdrew from filing the case.

From that day onwards I started receiving Godís blessings. I got many financial benefits from my company including a very big flat. My Son got a very good job in a National bank.

Today my life has changed. My family and I have become more faithful to God and looking forward to serve the lord more earnestly.

May god bless Br. Pappachan and give him more courage and Strength to spread the Word of God through all Nations.

Thank you Jesus

Praise you Jesus

Philipose K.P.

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