God with us -Before and after Marriage


Revelations 2:4 ďYou don't have as much love as you had at firstĒ?

In my town there is a trend, most of the young catholic girls go for daily mass regularly, before marriage. However, after marriage for some reason these girls never resume their church going habit even after their honeymoon period has passed by. This is not different even in the case of some gifted youth who had encountered Christ in a mighty way, who had gifts of prophesy, saw visions revealing the past and future of Godís people, gift of healing and so on. These youths too, whose lives, wherein the Holy Spirit worked so prominently stopped their prayer activities after marriage? What was wrong?

Once we were having discussions on this topic. One of our fellowship members thought it was not right on the girls part to forsake Jesus or church activities to please her husband.

Another thought, It is only right to obey her husband because God had given her this husband with no faith. Now her main duty is to bring this husband to Godís ways.

Another opinion was that this marriage was not of Godís plan, had it been in Godís plan then definitely this woman would get a husband who would encourage her to work for the Lordís kingdom.

Another opinion was that God preplans all marriages. Moreover, even if it were not Godís plan, since God has blessed the marriage as a sacrament he would allow their marriage to be under his grace.

So did God himself give gifts to a person who was being useful to thousands of Godís people who are in Satanís bondage and after sometime ask her to keep it hidden just because one man who is against Godís Kingdom doesnít wan t his personal property Ėhis wife -to use it for her creatorís glory.

Some of these possessive ungodly husbands give their gifted wives an allowance, a weekly-Sunday-service. The discussion went on so heatedly that it went to an argument and one person said Ďthese so called Godís chosen youthĒ, if they were really, faithful to the Lord, then definitely God would give them a suitable husband. It is the negligence on the part of the girl in prayer that the lord is taking so long to intervene in her life.

I as a woman personally think it is very difficult for a wife to practice her religion-especially if she is with Jesus and if her husband is not God fearing. I thank my Lord; he has blessed me with a husband who is closer to God than I am. My husbandís complaint is that I am not spending enough time with Jesus. If God be for us who can be against us Romans 8:36

I knew a young unmarried man who worked very zealously for our Lord. He always said, ďWhen I get married Iíll marry an unbeliever. Then Iíll bring her to the Lord, thereby adding one more person to Godís kingdomĒ. As he said he married an unbeliever and after three years of mental agony of conflicting beliefs he did bring his wife to the Lord. More incredible is he brought the whole family of his in-laws to the lord. Lately I was talking to his wife and was surprised by her faith. She has sacrificed her life for the sake of Jesus much more than me, a believer from birth. If God was with him, who could be against him.

So listen, my dear Unmarried sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ. ďIf God is with you, no underworld forces can be against you.

Letís prayÖ Jesus strengthen all the youth, throughout the world, that they may be faithful to you. Give them, especially those who have been faithful to you, spouses who would encourage them to live a life profitable for your kingdom.

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