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I was in the Traffic Jam one morning on my way to work with a half-kilometre long queue in front of me. At 7:00 AM in the morning this is not unusual. It may take up to half an hour to exit a roundabout. I asked the “Holy Spirit, is it possible to reach the office within five minutes” I didn’t believe that the Holy Spirit could do it. But within seconds the cars in front of me started rolling with unthinkable speed and I reached the Office before the time I asked from the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes we ask foolish, stupid questions to the one who formed everything in this universe from a form less void just by moving over it. If that was possible our every request is too simple for him to achieve. Allow the Holy Spirit to move within us and we can see miracles in our daily lives.

On another occasion we were crossing a very congested town with car parking on either side. The parking was full plus there were additional two rows of cars parked parallel with emergency lights on. The flowing traffic was slower than a man’s walking speed. We had to go to a shop on that road and our five children were with us in the car. We had already circled the road twice looking for a parking. There was no parking in more than 1km radius distance. My husband said “Jesus if you really are with me and you support me 100% to go shopping now, then give me a parking now.” I thought he was cracking a joke. Just then a parked car from the left side moved out and we parked our car when others have waited for longer time with their emergency lights on. More surprising the parking was right in front of the shop we wanted to enter. How can God show his love more than this, to his servants? He even thinks of us while we are shopping.

A God who created the Universe with innumerable stars and planets and in his infinite wisdom let it stay in place for ages without clashing or moving away from its destined path. We intellectuals ask him whether he is capable of providing one car space in a small city.

Let’s pray…
Lord Jesus, king of kings, Master of the universe, for you everything is possible. I understand that everything is possible for me If only I have the humbleness to ask you and wait patiently for your answer. Help me to trust in you, in everything, always, to the last breath of my life.


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