A gift from God


Psalms 112
Happy the man who honours’ the Lord… his descendants will be blessed, his family will be wealthy and rich and he will be prosperous forever.

There is something special about gifts. It is given freely to us. And if the giver is a person who really cares for you he will make sure that this gift is not only simply a gift but also adds to our comfort, blessings…

I can recollect many areas in my life where I can see the supporting hand of our Lord, Sweet Jesus.

Financial …After our marriage our first monthly income was 700 US$. Those days our ministry was on full swing and because we didn’t have enough time to look after children we were not keen in having any children. Our salary was very low to accommodate a third member. Just before I got pregnant God increased our monthly income from 700$ to 1000$. Again when we had our second child God gave us another increment and now our monthly income was raised to 1100$. When we had our third child our income was raised to 2000$. By the time we had five children our income soared up to 3300$. All this time we had never asked God nor did we realize that God was helping us financially to support the children he wanted to be brought up in our home. Two months prior to sending the last two children to school our monthly income went above 5000$.

Helping hand…Ever since I started working I kept a part-time maid to help me with cooking and cleaning. When children stated going to school my anxiety was who would open the door for them when they returned from school because I would be at work at that time. Even before I start worrying my God has planned what to do for me. He gave me a full time maid. I know she was God’s gift because she loved my children and my children loved her. But later I thought to myself that she was expensive and I employed another maid who worked for less than half the previous maid’s salary. But again God showed me that this was my choice not his because the new maid I chose was giving me a hard time. She was very careless with my children and my children too, couldn’t cope with her. After she left I thought I would never make it with housekeeping, cooking and cleaning. But God intervenes marvellously in our daily lives. My children started having the food themselves, they started helping me in cooking, and they made snacks by themselves.

Health…I don’t know if it would be surprising if I tell you I have been to hospital with my five children less than ten times in all these years (vaccinations visits not included). My oldest one is ten and the youngest three. Jesus gives them healthcare so he sees that they don’t fall ill. Most Working parents complain that they could not sleep the previous night because their child was awake. But in our case God might have sent his angels, because my children went to sleep between 6pm to 8pm and never woke up until 5am in the morning. There was only one occasion in all these years when I had to take them to hospital on emergency.

Education…I’ve come across so many mothers who spend the best part of their day helping their child (or may be two children) with studies. They panic more than their children during the exams and are more tensed waiting for the results than the children. I praise God I never have had to bother about their studies because they believe and I believe that it should be Jesus who teaches them what they have to learn. None of my children bother me with their homework. Every evening after school they do their homework themselves. What a relief compared to most mothers who spent most of their evenings with their children doing their homework. Two years ago my son was very week in mathematics. I always scored high mark in school for this subject but being a working mother I had no time to teach him. We started praying for a good math’s teacher. My lord who cares for my children made it so happen that a maths teacher moved into the next door. She was very good that this year my son has been selected for the global maths quiz to represent his school.

Your child is a gift from God... Personally I am a weak, hopeless mother but God so loves his children he takes care of the gifts he has given me. I can never claim any benefit when they come home with high grades and win prizes for extra curricular activities.

So, my dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ do not panic about your children anymore. They are God’s own children entrusted to you/given to you as gifts to be brought up in your homes. Their father is the richest, most powerful, yet most loving God who was even willing to die for them on a cross.

We must be sure at least most of us wouldn’t dare to die for them. I see parents disown their teenage children they once so dearly loved for the small immoral behaviour if they do something that hinder their social status. But how can our heavenly father forsake his children. He is a loving father who was willing to be humiliated for the sake of his children...

Whether it is one child or ten children we can live on this earth a prosperous life if we are with God.

Let’s pray…
Jesus, all these years I thought my children were my sole responsibility and never gave them to your caretaking. From today they are yours. Teach them, love them, feed them and clothe them. I know now, that you love them more than I myself love them.

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