Blessings blowing your way


Numbers 11:19 "You will not eat it for just one or two days… you will eat it for a whole month" and 31"The Lord sent out a wind. It drove quail in from the Red Sea".

Almost 600,000 six hundred thousand footmen (fit to be soldiers) along with their children, old aged and women came out of Egypt's bondage. This was a nation who walked through dry land while the waters stood up like a wall forgetting its properties. They quenched their thirst from waters flowing out of rock in a desert. They wandered in the desert with god's cloud hovering above them to protect them from heat during day and giving them light at night. They ate manna from heaven which tasted like bread baked in oil or suited each man's taste.

Eventually they got tired of eating manna. They were so fed up of eating manna they longed to eat meat at least once. God sent a wind to their camp which brought with it quails which lay around their camp to depth of three feet, for an area of one days walking distance diameter.

They asked for one day's meat and god gave them enough meat for one month.

Numbers 11:4-32 4Some people who were with them began to long for other food. Again the people of Israel began to cry out. They said, "We wish we had meat to eat.

John 10:10 Jesus Said "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so they can have life". Be on your guard of evil thoughts. Thoughts that make you think that your past life in sin or bondage was much better than a life walking hand in hand with god. Satan may not come to you through other people he will attack you through your own thoughts.

5Moses interceded for the Israelites and god said "Set yourselves apart for tomorrow. At that time you will eat meat" …'Now the Lord will give you meat. And you will eat it. 19You will not eat it for just one or two days. You will not eat it for just five, ten or 20 days. 20Instead, you will eat it for a whole month... Moses thought that god is not talking sense. 21Moses said, "Here I am among 600,000 men on the march. And you say, 'I will give them meat to eat for a whole month'… 23The Lord answered Moses, "Am I not strong enough? Now you will see whether what I say will come true for you."… 31The Lord sent out a wind. It drove quail in from the Red Sea. It brought them down all around the camp. They were about three feet above the ground. They could be seen in every direction as far as a person could walk in a day. 32The people went out all day and gathered quail. They gathered them all night and all the next day. No one gathered less than 60 bushels

So my dear brothers and sisters do not look at the mountain in front of you and grumble against god. Our god is an ever-loving god. Trust in him, rely on him. Sanctify yourselves and be free of all worldly impurities. God is going to bless you tomorrow. Turn away from all that stands against Jesus and his love for us. Forsake all sinful deeds and thoughts. God's blessings are going to be poured out on your pure body, mind and soul. You are going to encounter him in such a mighty way and so powerfully that you're intellectual self will be amazed. Our god's hand has never shortened in front of those who have humbled themselves before him.

Let's pray
God make me humble. Show me my evil thoughts and deeds. I'm sorry for even looking back into my sinful past and grumbling at the impossible hurdles before me. Let me sanctify myself so that I'll be ready to be filled with your blessings when the wind blows in my direction, tomorrow.

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