The woman left her water jar and ran to the town.  she said to the people, "Come and see a man

who told me everything i did!  Could he not be the Christ?"  So they left the town and went to meet him.

John 4:28-30




Healing in Europe




Dr. John F. Cheriavely, VC, Ph.D

The Experience of Healing in Europe


The Catholic University of Louvain run by the government is one of the biggest universities in Europe and boasts of a strength of 30,000 students. It was at lunch time one day that I came to be acquainted with Stefan in the canteen of this university.
Our conversation gradually drifted to the topic of religion and Jesus Christ. Stefan asked me, "John, do you believe that miracles can occur through prayer?" I answered: "Yes, I have quite often seen cases of miraculous healing". I told him about 23 year-old Shailamma, who was born deaf and dumb and who was healed through prayer and was able to hear and speak and came forward to give her witness. I asked Stefan. "Do you believe in miracles?" Stefan replied, "Yes". "Perhaps it was through some physical healing, wasnít it? " I went on. "Yes," said Stefan and continued: "In 1983 when I was just 11 years old, I was almost run over by a car on my way to school. My left leg beneath the knee was broken and one bone shattered into bits. The terrible blow I received on my head injured my brain. For two weeks I was in the dark room. When my leg was operated on, four nerves were injured. For the surgery after two months, a piece of bone from my thigh was taken to close the gap on the bone. Yet walking was difficult. For months I moved about on the wheelchair. Because of brain injury, I could not concentrate on anything for long. Since I took some medicine for the bone to be welded together and be strengthened, the broken leg became one centimeter and a half longer than the other after the treatment.

"Since the four nerves would not work in co-ordination with each other, the left leg had not enough strength. I often suffered pain on the whole body. Most of the time I had to lie down and take rest. Every month I consumed about 5000 Belgian franc (Rs 6000) worth of tablets. It was with great difficulty that I continued my studies. Though I was born in a Christian family, I had never known Jesus as the healer. In July 1997 at a prayer meeting, I got the grace to know Jesus better. Some told me that Jesus would heal my leg. I could not then believe it. But in September the same year the prayer group members placed their hands over me and prayed. I felt something happening to me. My legs became the same length. The knotted, injured and numb nerves and muscles relaxed and regained their former form. I felt not only my legs but my whole body getting strengthened. From then on I have never had to take any medicine.

"Though I was healed physically, the long 14 years of an invalidís life had taken toll of my mental state. Gradually Jesus gave me inner healing and the feeling that I was ill, that I couldnít do or achieve anything, left me. I was also freed from the fear that possessed me when I saw any vehicle and prevented me from trying for a driving license."

I asked: "There are numerous young people in Europe who do not believe in Jesus. Do you do anything to bring them to the joy that Jesus gives?" Said Stefan: "Yes, I was able to bring Muniya, an adopted girl from India to the experience of Godís love and to Christian fellowship. I have spoken of the healing I received to very many people." I further enquired: "What do you feel when you remember the accident and the time when you were ill?"

Stefanís reply was: "I thank God. Perhaps it was that accident that helped to come to know Jesus personally."



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