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Lamentations 2:19 “Raise your hands to him for the lives of your children who faint with hunger at the end of every street”. Why do we let our children faint with hunger and thirst when we know what to do and where to go? John 7:37 “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me. Let anyone who believes in me come and drink. As scripture says, “From his heart shall flow streams of living water”. Take up the responsibility to lead our children to the light. Show them where they can quench their thirst.

Our children are hungry and thirsty. Panic stricken they run around to fill their hunger and quench their thirst but they get poison instead of food. They wouldn’t have touched it, if they knew it was poison. Our children might not be aware where they can quench their thirst but we definitely know. They do not know the source of living water, but we definitely know. We pretend we do not know because the way to this stream of living water is very narrow and difficult to cross. Romans 1:19, “These people have no excuse: They knew God and yet they did not honor him as God or give thanks…that is why God abandoned them in their inmost cravings to filthy practices of dishonoring their own bodies.” Why don’t we open our eyes and see our children dishonoring their own bodies. “Our body is gods temple. Anyone who sins, sins outside the body… but he who sins in the body sins against the temple of god”.

Once I happened to hear a telephone conversation between two mothers. The mothers of a boy and a girl in love. The boys’ mother said to the girls’ mother “you better take care of your child. Mine is a boy and nothing will happen to my son. If you prevent your daughter from seeing my son, good for you, otherwise if anything goes wrong you and your daughter will suffer”. It is quite clear from the conversation what the boys’ mother meant. If anything does go wrong then both the boy and girl are equally responsible in the eyes of God and both should share the consequences of their sin equally. The girl might suffer physically and emotionally but the boy can escape from the eyes of human beings. This mother has not considered the spiritual fall of her son or has no knowledge of her son’s eternal life.

Another friend once said to my husband, “even though my wife has been away for more than a year I have not had any illicit relationships with any women. I have been to the prostitutes two – three times…. Proverbs 9:18, “But the fool does not know that this is where the shades are and that her guests are already in the vales of sheol”

Proverbs 7:6-27 “I was looking out through the lattice and I saw among the callow youths, I noticed among the lads a boy who had no sense Going along the lane near the corner where she lives he reaches the path to her house..…Forthwith he follows her like an ox to the slaughterhouse…. like the bird that dashes into the nest without realizing that its life is at stake…Her house is the way to sheol the decent to the courts of death”.
You ask a youth and he will say “I have not raped anybody” or “I have not cheated anybody” or some other reason which a common man might think is all right. Most of us think that, if we do something, which everybody else does, it is not a sin. But Listen to the Word of God. God calls them “fools” because they do not know what they have lost.
“Son, if you have sinned in the past. Run away from it, its teeth have poison.”
“ I am going to send a draught not of food but of the word of God”
“The wage of sin is death”.
Lamentations 1:18, “Listen all you peoples, and see my sorrow. My young girls and my young women have gone into captivity”. All our children are in captivity of inmost cravings. The devil has used them to dishonor their bodies. Look, who is happy when God’s children dishonor their Gods temple?

Our children weather they are boys or girls are exposed to a much grievous danger than ever before. They are not safe at home, boarding schools, hostels, monasteries or convents. The devil is ready to pounce on our children wherever they are. So parents have to be extra cautious. Parents who are forced to work away from their children leave their children with their supposed to be loved ones back at home. There might be one family member who is a slave to the devil. This devil can ruin you child’s life. He may be disguised as a Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother in law, cousin or even an own brother. God has entrusted our children to us so we should take up the responsibility of protecting them ourselves. Our children are crying all night. Their beds are soaked with tears. They are ashamed of themselves for being the target of sexual abuse. As human beings we have our own limitations. We cannot always keep a watch over our children. But there is nothing impossible with God.

I have two close friends (both girls) who were sexually abused by their uncles (mother’s brother) right in their own homes. One friend was under ten when she was abused the other was in college. Whatever may be the age of your child, the evil one is always ready to do harm. My husband has a friend (a boy) who was sexually abused by his own brother in law. This incident took place when the boy’s father was at home. It is surprising this repeated again in the same house and the father never knew anything about it. Another friend used to be sexually abused by his Grandfather very often. Children who are sexually abused don’t confide the incident to anyone at the right time not even to their close ones. My friend at school told me about the incident right away. I was also only eleven years old then and so didn’t understand that this was a crime. My friend at college did not want to expose the harm done to her because she would have felt more humiliated if a third person came to know of it. Victims of sexual abuse rarely bring the matter to the notice of their parents or any of the elders concerned but the scar it creates will remain till the end of their lives. Only Jesus can heal the wound it creates. Nothing is impossible with Jesus. Jesus is the only answer under situations like this where human beings cannot find a solution. I shared these four incidents because I know these victims and their abusers personally. It is more surprising that in all the four cases the incident occurred more than once. These sexual abusers still live around me and nobody knows about it. See how the devil protects them from being exposed of their crimes. He will keep them safely in sin until he takes them down with him to the never-ending fire.

I was in a boarding School unto the tenth standard and then I went to the hostel both run by catholic nuns. It is unbelievable that right from the schooldays children are prone to dishonoring their own bodies. As they reach the college the practice become filthier and cannot be discussed in a religious publication. And what is more disgracing is that they call themselves members of holy ancient Christian families. If there is no shortage for lesbians in convent girls’ schools then imagine the plight of boys’ schools.
Well don’t think this is only the case of boarding and hostels. Children living with their parents are no better. Once a cousin told me “Our parish compound is like the red street after dusk”. Our God who could not tolerate Sodom is being very tolerant towards the present generation. Our sins are much more grievous. This kind of craving for the same sex is from the devil. The evil one is making us dishonor our own body, which is the temple of God. This is as the result of not giving due respect to god. Romans 1:19, “These people have no excuse: They knew God and yet they did not honor him as God or give thanks…that is why God abandoned them in their inmost cravings to filthy practices of dishonoring their own bodies.” We are in an abandoned state. We have knowingly gone away from God. If we purposely run away from God the evil one is eagerly waiting to devour our children or us. So, Lamentations 2:19 “Raise your hands to him for the lives of your children who faint with hunger at the end of every street”.

Dear children, even if you have been sexually abused one, two, three or more times don’t feel humiliated. Jesus loves you as you are. Forget the past. Devil has used your abuser as an instrument to devour you, so forget him or her. Go to Jesus “he will wipe away your tears”. Nobody else can console you. There is no wound that Jesus cannot heal. Nothing is impossible with god.



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