My Child Life is Precious


As I sat down to read the newspaper on the morning of September 25, little did I realize the shock that awaited me? An 18-month-old baby among the child slaves in the sinking ship off African coast! Most of the child slaves (ages between 18 months and 17 years) were from poor African countries, they were sold for an amount as little as 15 $.Lamentations 1:18, “Listen all you peoples, and see my sorrow. My young girls and my young women have gone into captivity”. I saw them as I read thru the newspaper. These children will definitely not grow up to be mature, sensible, civilized adults. This is not the story of a father and mother who sold their child due to extreme poverty but of a nation who is far away from the knowledge of truth. Either the truth has not reached them or they have abandoned the truth. We should consider this situation very seriously and be on our guard lest the evil one might sneak into our lives similarly. But Frankly, this mother or father is not as cruel as most parents of the so called civilized countries because, at least they have not forbidden their child the gift of life

St. Francis of Assisi says “A family that prays together stays together”.
This is true in all aspects of life. A community that prays together stays together, a nation that prays together stays together.
Similarly a Family that sin together or a community or nation that sins together will not stay together. If a family closes its eye to the sins of one of its member –i.e. it stays together in sin – destruction or disunity is on its way. A community or nation, which supports sin or sinful deeds, is definitely on its path to destruction.

Romans 1:19, “These people have no excuse: They knew God and yet they did not honor him as God or give thanks…that is why God abandoned them in their inmost cravings to filthy practices of dishonoring their own bodies.” Our ancestors found time for prayers, the evenings were set apart for prayer and thanksgiving and God protected them from the evil one. Off late families are too busy and flowing steadily with the modern stream of life, they have no time to show respect for God or even acknowledge their creator which made it easy for the evil one to sneak into our lives.

If you love your children prove it. Not by the expensive man-made earthly gifts or the cuddles and kisses but by the blessings obtained from God by leading a virtuous life – in prayer, sharing with the needy and showing compassion to your fellow creation. “When you did this to the least of my brethren you did this for me”. Give respect to God and respect your fellow creation and obtain his blessings for you, your children and a thousand generations to come. Make sure you have not built a house for your children to live in, stained with blood.

Look at the most civilized and the richest nation in the world and all you can see is blood, blood of innocent children, so unfortunate, they were not even allowed to enjoy the sunlight or any other creation of God. Their lifeless bodies* down the drains their brains to the laboratories. Does this nation deserve any justice from God? You kill your fellow creation and ask justice to your Creator. I wouldn’t want to spare my child if he would act in a disrespectful manner towards his own brother. I would most certainly punish him and bring him to justice.
This is not the case of only the most civilized and the richest nations in the world, but as in the story of the newspaper cutting of September 25, even the poor countries have lost their senses “how can a mother desert her son…” an 18 month old baby for just 15 $. Starvation is only an excuse but we have lost our senses because we forgot to respect our creator, we forget that “our baby is a gift from God.”
Frankly, this mother or father is much better off than the parents of children sent down the drains because, at least they have not forbidden their child the gift of life.

Look at an average human being who has not sold his child or aborted his unborn child. We think, we are much better off for some reason. If we fail in giving due respect to our creator we are, or our children are soon going to fall victims of the evil one. The day is not far away when we will have to weep over our children when they have done a very shameful or disgraceful act like the terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Terrorists or not, weren’t they children of a mother and father. Weren’t they cuddled and kissed and so lovingly, affectionately brought up by some parents. Weren’t they children of rich parents and enjoyed expensive gifts and didn’t lack education. But they lacked something, the blessings from God, the knowledge of truth and life. We as parents are obliged to give it to our children right from the beginning, at their budding stage.

A third world country like mine is no better. An advertisement in a passenger train reads “Abortion Rs. 50 only” I wouldn’t get a chicken for Rs, 50 but I can get a human baby killed for Rs. 50! Strange world. People who call themselves literate. After the slaughter we walk out of the hospital so coolly. In my country killing an unborn child is legal. Is it then right that I ask my God and my Creator - and the God and creator of these unfortunate babies - to protect me or my children or my family and loved ones against all physical harm and from the evil one “and deliver us from all evil”. When I close my eyes against such injustice I am asking God to close his eyes against all injustice done to me, my family, my nation “and do unto others as you wish to be done to you.”

“And do not put us to the test” We are knowingly or unknowingly put to the test. Be on your guard and take care to wash your hands away and openly declare that you have no hand in it when any of your family members decides to kill an unborn child for whatever reason. Pray with your family but do not sin with your family. Lately I had to confront a family who killed an unborn child because the doctor predicted the child might be handicapped because the mother had chicken pox during her pregnancy. Has God any right, to choose who should bring up a handicapped baby? Well, the head of this family thought that it was too much for God to ask of him. He decided he would bring up his child only if God created it perfectly for him. Therefore he sent his own offspring down the drains
In some other cases God decides to create ten children in a family and the parents decide to have only two of them and kill the other eight. There is always a probability that we would make the wrong choice, we kill the best of the ten. Weather we kill the best or the worst as long as the cries of these other children linger in the house hold how can the two children who survived live happily ever after. Genesis 4:10, “Listen, your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the Ground. Now be cursed and banned from the ground that has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood at your hands. When you till the ground it will no longer yield up its strength…” So, we have created a haunted household for the children we chose to live.

Similar is the case of a community or a nation, which approves abortion, bringing curse upon them. How can a nation, which has stained its hand with the blood of innocent children, survive? The blood of their brothers and Sisters are crying out to God from the ground. How will the children who escaped this crime live in peace? Our God is a Just God. Merciful and Compassionate. God has no partiality. The Crime against these helpless babies has borne a heavy burden on us. A political leader who approved this crime and the children of this leader died in a similar way. Torn to pieces. Ecclesiastes 2:14, “The wise have their eyes open, the fools walk in the dark” We should open our eyes and ears and understand God’s ways. We have been so brutal; God “the holy one” cannot come near us. This made it easy for the evil one to spread his net and trap us.

1 John 2:1, “I am writing this to prevent you from sinning; but if any one does sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the upright…not only ours, but also those of the whole world” If you have sinned in the past it is never late to go back and say, “I am sorry”. Our God is a forgiving God. We know what the reply will be. John 8:11, “Neither do I condemn you, Go away and from this moment sin no more”.

Let God make decisions for us. We think we know better than God, we make vital decisions by ourselves and see where we are now. Are we safe against any physical harm? Are the two children we carefully planned and brought to life safe? If a Mothers womb is not a safe place for a child, where else can the child find a safer place? Mothers’ womb has become a Slaughterhouse. And we proudly call ourselves civilized! Literate. We are far away from the right way, truth and life. We think we are rich in knowledge but the truth is we are far away from what is actually the truth.
Better off, are the Moms who were bold enough to decide to keep the illicit fruit of their womb? The mothers - Victims of rape - in Yugoslavia who decided to keep their babies even though nobody in the world would have blamed them if they decided to kill their child. They feared their God or at least they loved their child than the humiliation it caused to keep them.

Abortion providers (or butchers of human beings) Doctors or Nurses. The A Grades and I.Q are just pieces of paper you cannot carry along with you when you have to stand in front of the judgment Seat along with the babies you sent down the drains. “Be afraid of the moment when the judge will turn his face away from you” If we have not shown any compassion to our fellow creation how can we expect compassion from our judge and God. James 2:13, “Whoever acts without mercy will be judged without mercy”

When I was visiting USA some time ago I happened to witness a testimony of an American nurse who worked for an abortion provider for only one day. She said she could not stand the sight of three babies going limp right in front of her eyes in a matter of few hours. Her colleagues degraded her for not being so professional. She added, “Later when my teenage daughter - 14 years old - got pregnant, I stopped her from having an abortion and promised her to bring up the child myself.’’ She concluded her testimony by showing her viewers her grandchild. Hats off to the nurse who glorified God not Profession and for, taking a bold decision in looking after her grandchild. An abortion might have cost her only a few hundred dollars but at the risk of eternal life. She saved her daughter from a fatal sin. This Mother proved to the world that she loved her daughter and more, she cared for her daughter’s eternal life.

Are we, as children of God ready to prove to our children and our loved ones that we really love them! God has included us in his creation not only biologically but also to the fulfillment of eternal life. We as parents should seriously take up the responsibility of our children and help them to reach their goal. If we have offended our God by killing a child (weather we did it ourselves or supported it) repent and ask our Gods forgiveness so that at least the remaining children live happily ever after here on earth and eternally. But the condition laid down in front of us is “rise up and go to our fathers house” God is not going to come into our Pig Sty. Rise up and walk to your father’s house then your father will come running to receive you.

Lets pray for the helpless children waiting in queue to be aborted and for their butcher parents to see the truth and the knowledge. Lamentations 2:19 “Raise your hands to him for the lives of your children who faint with hunger at the end of every street”.



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