Body, Mind and Soul


Three dimensions in me


When I talk about myself, I mean the person in me and as I see it has three dimensions all three are important for my existence. My body, my mind, my soul. But which of these three are most important. “The person who chooses wisely will be rewarded well.“


Intellectual’s view

I have a body, I can see it, and I know it is there. I know what will happen to my body after death
My mind, even though I have not seen it, I know its there but I do not know what will happen to my mind after death
My spirit/soul, I have not seen it, I cannot feel its existence, nor do I know what will happen to my spirit after death

If somebody hurts my body, as soon as the wound heals I forget the pain and after some years I do not even remember how the pain felt. If your body is in a state of collapse your neighbour may take pity on you and nurse you back to good health.

If somebody hurts my mind I cannot forget the hurt feelings but after some years it vanishes into my subconscious state. The humiliation comes up occasionally making you think over the subject. This leads to much bodily disease. If your mind is in a state of collapse, only a specialized doctor can bring you back to normal life. If you have a sound state of mind you are less prone to get bodily disease.

If your soul is hurt you never know it. Most of us are ignorant about the soul and therefore do not do anything about it. But gradually it affects your mind and body. If your Spirit is in a sate of collapse your God is the only one who can feel mercy on you and save you from eternal fire.

After I have left this body of mine, there is the soul, which should remain for life everlasting. So its very clear that as much as we take care, to keep our body intact and presentable, and we try to keep our mind at peace by mastering to be cultured and polite, isn’t it even more important to keep our spirit safe and unharmed until we reach its creator.

“If a man conquers the world and loses his soul what good is it to him”

God cares for your soul

Your body will not be here on earth for more than a hundred years. Your memories may vanish in the hearts of your beloved ones few years after your body has gone. Even the greatest hero who has trod on earth has become part of history. Then an ordinary person like you and me will never be thought off after a few years have past after we have left our earthly bodies. But listen to God’s loving promises, he says, “Every hair of yours has been counted” “I have carved you in the palm of my hand” “ you are precious and valuable to me” Jer 31:3 “can a mother forsake her suckling child even if she forgets I will not forget you”. Even if my next kin has forgotten me, my Ever-loving god has watch over me. Rely on him completely and whole-heartedly he will take care of you-your soul.

So, as we take care of our valuables by keeping them away in a safe locker in a well reliable bank so likewise put your soul at the mercy of god. He will take care of it. “Not a hair of yours will be lost”. He will not turn his face away from you on the last judgement day. “Because you have put your trust in a just god”. “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”. Matt 28:19

Clean soul

Most of us have clean bodies but our thoughts are so dirty. If our thoughts are dirty our mind is dirty and as Jesus says we have become unclean. “It is not what goes in that makes a person unclean but it is what comes out that makes a person unclean”. If a body is unclean its foul smell sends the message to our sense organs and we keep away. But if our mind is unclean our soul becomes unclean and our sense organs cannot detect the smell and so we do not know about it. God who can sense this foul smell is unable to come near us. Imagine ourselves attending the holy Eucharist celebrations and if this foul smell of the Soul could be sensed by our sense organs then, we would be unable to sit there – The place would be stinking. Most of us do not wash our sins regularly with the cleansing blood of the Lamb. The procedure is very simple. Just feel sorry for your sins and ask Jesus to trade your helplessness with his forgiveness.

Even if you are very clean and you do not expose yourselves to dirty surroundings you have to take a shower at least once a day. Otherwise you start feeling an unpleasant odour being released from your body. Similarly our mind and soul requires frequent cleanliness procedures. Thoughts frequently come and go. Visions seen in the past come and go. If these thoughts and visions are unholy or against the teachings of Christ, it makes our body, mind and ultimately our soul unclean, so do not fondle with it. So it is clear why we need to cleanse our souls frequently.

Nourishment for the soul

Math 4:4 Jesus rose up and Said “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me. Let anyone who believes in me come and drink. As scripture says, “From his heart shall flow streams of living water”. John 7:37. There is only one master and one God who can quench the thirst of the spirit.
“Truly, truly I say to you, if you do not eat my body and drink my blood you shall not eternal life”. Jesus says where to find this food of eternal life. “I am the true bread, which came down from heaven. Your fore fathers had manna from heaven but they died but whoever feeds from me shall have eternal life”. After speaking to Samaritan woman “I already had food which you do not know”. He is focusing on the actual food, which we have to be eating, not for the body but for our soul

Therefore if any of us wish to nourish our selves’ body, mind and spirit then he/she should go to Jesus and practice what he commands. If it is very difficult to understand things that are right in front of our eyes, the science of the living body and mind, then sure it is even more complicated to understand things we have never seen or encountered. There is, and was, only one person who knows the earthly and heavenly things alike, the past and present alike, who went down to the world of dead and came back to men on earth and he is our Jesus Christ. Jesus says ‘I am the alpha and the Omega”. He is the beginning and the end. Nothing was created without him. Only for him “a thousand years are like one and one day is like a thousand years” So therefore we should have no doubt in listening to him. In him lies the wisdom.

Praise and worship

Attending a prayer group especially if it is vibrant with Praise and worship it helps to revive the spirit in us. Praise and worship can come in many forms Hymns, humming Halleluiah, and praying in tongues. I like to pray in tongues because there is no lies in it. The day I realized that it was my spirit talking to my creator, the understanding was a wonderful feeling. Something in me talking to my creator in a language I don’t understand at all. Now it was clear what St. Paul was saying “ The spirit pleads for us in words unknown to us”. Even during my personnel prayers, praise in tongues seemed to be very effective, I pray almost half an hour in tongues. During our weekly prayer gatherings we praise in tongues for almost an hour.

I happened to hear a testimony given by a doctor (medicine) who also had a PhD for his thesis “Life after death”. He was an Alcoholic and a chain smoker, which made his body very weak. The doctor who was treating him confirmed he would be dying soon. He called for his lawyer and had his assets transferred to his wife and children. He bade his family goodbye and when they had left he signed his power of attorney and lay on his bed. Suddenly he could feel the cold biting into his bones. It was hurting him so much and he felt himself being dragged down into a dark, cold and horror filled world with great speed that was unthinkable. He tried to cling onto his hospital bed but in vain. Nobody could help him from this hopeless situation when suddenly he remembered the cross and he said to himself “can this man on the cross save me”. He testifies that at that very fraction of the second he was thrown back into his bed. He woke up and remembered the Pastor who tried to talk to him about the man on the cross- Jesus. He called for the pastor asked him about the man on the cross and in answer he received the bible and he completes his testimony saying he was now a true believer and wants the whole world to know how much Jesus loves each one of us. Tears rolled down the Old doctors eyes as he finished his testimony and I believed what he said.

“It is the spirit that gives life, the body is worthless”

All the wealth and Knowledge will not help us when the time comes for each one us to stand in front our Judge. We have to face it our selves so be prepared. This is the time you realize that all this time I have been living a life of fiction and now I face the truth, My Jesus, My god. If I know I have to attend a test I will surely be prepared. Our child is about to write a board exam. We would spend all your energy and time to help him pass the exams. If as a parent you help your ward for a worldly examination why don’t we see the importance of helping our spouse and children to pass this spiritual examination. What is the use if our children have gained weight and height and has a high I.Q. if his soul is malnourished. When we stand in front of the judgement seat of God the questions you will be asked is nothing concerning beauty, health, Literacy, poverty, charity, Sufferings. All these things will be added to your credit if it was already offered or submitted to will of Christ. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31

On the other hand the questions will go like this, Where is the spirit I gave you when you when down to earth? Is it in a healthy condition or is it engulfed in the world, sin and all its actions? Did you drink from the life-giving fountain of water-Holy spirit? Did you give this living water freely to those whom you found thirsty and fainting on the streets? Nobody will help you to answer these questions, No tutors nor guides, No study material, nor parents, nor spiritual advisors. But it will be just, my Lord and me. All our actions while on earth will be screened to us and Satan will stand beside us and claim that we belong to him. We will have to stand there ashamed with a downcast face. After the exams are over there is no use of learning the subject. The exams are over and the winners get their reward. Those who fail in the exams will be ashamed because in this case there is only one examination and no repetitions.

Sufferings in the body & Mind

The body I have now may not be the body I will have after I have received my reward. Jesus gives us a body pleasing to him. The seed that is sown is not that which sprouts out. The seed that allows itself to be transformed by acquiring water and manure from the surrounding and submits completely to its creator will bear the form it was destined by its creator and bear many fruit. . On the other hand the seed that wishes to be preserved in its original form will not gain the glorious, heavenly form its creator has in mind.
Similarly gold that does pass through the furnace cannot be transformed into a beautiful ornament or a diamond does not become expensive if a diamond cutter has not shaped it.

The water and manure are the sufferings an earthly body and mind undergoes. A man who has passed his bodily desires and weakness is a victorious man. All the sufferings in the body and mind become fruitful only if it is for the sake of Jesus. St Paul says, “ I have crucified all my bodily desires with the cross of Christ”. Any suffering is worthless as far as our soul is concerned if it is without Christ. There are seeds that acquire water and manure but in the process it gets decayed. The seed was not under the care of its creator. “If sufferings are a must, suffer it for the sake of Christ and we shall be rewarded rightly”. Rev 6:11 Hundred years of sufferings can lead you to eternal joy of more than a billion years.

Abstinence, refraining from bodily desires helps us from committing sin against our body and controlling our sense organs helps in great way from committing sins in our mind. “You were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body. 1 Cor 6: 20. Do not defile your body, which is Gods temple. Sufferings mean the ones, which god has allowed and it should be for the glory of the Lord. Committing suicide is a sin, cutting away a hand and saying I have done this to suffer for Christ is not right. God has not given permission to hurt our own bodies or take anybody’s lives or even our own lives.

If we walk backwards into history, we see so many great warriors who have gone through great suffering and endurance and faced many trials for the benefit of their motherland. Some of them even laid down their lives for their people but all this is useless if it was not done for the love of our Jesus Christ. It is not the quantity of work you do for the good of others but the quality. And what exactly controls this quality, it is the amount of Jesus in the work you have done. The more you have of Jesus the better the quality of your work. Our aim is not trying to be like Jesus-Our god- but allowing Jesus-Our God- to control our lives completely.

Little flower was a young nun who offered up all her small acts and suffering to Jesus, anything she did was for the love of Jesus Christ, Jesus controlled her entire life and this made her capable of gaining many souls for the kingdom of god. A young nun who never left the four walls of her convent became the patroness for all missionaries.1 Cor 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

A life of enjoyment, luxury, and extravaganza can lead you to eternal fire, if you have forgotten to see Jesus in your brother who was deprived of all these benefits and was with you while you were on earth. Jesus explains the parable of the Rich man and Lazar, where the rich man is better than most of us in many ways. Consider a beggar who sits daily in front of our gate and imagine the dogs all around him licking his sores. Even though he may not be a nuisance to our private life we may drive him away because we cannot stand the sight of a this dirty man everyday and moreover it does not add any beauty to our big Cast Iron Gate and the beautiful house inside. We may even ask him to move away from our gate.
The rich man let him stay there in front of the house but still his reward was eternal fire. The beggar-lazar was deprived of all pleasures while on earth but his reward was Abraham’s bosom. “Blessed are those who are hungry they shall be satisfied, Blessed are those who cry now for they shall be consoled” The Sermon on the Mount

Help the needy

The story of the Good Samaritan explains how a man helps a stranger when he was bodily wounded. Similarly it is the duty of every Christian to help those who are poor in the spirit. Giving them the good news is one way to help them but there are people who do not even want to listen to any thing that concerns the soul because they do not believe there is a soul nor do they believe that after death we are supposed to give an account for all the sins we have done in our body and mind. Our soul has to pay the price for all our wrong doings.

Soul of my brother

Giving alms will help my soul but it will not help the receiver’s soul. His body is important but more important is his soul. There are so many Christian Institutions who help the community in which they live but what do these Institutions or the community under them benefit, if they do not give Jesus Christ. Giving Jesus to them will help their souls.

There are times when we get disheartened that nobody is listening to the good news and not ready to receive Jesus the source of life especially those who were born from Christian families. Tell Jesus “we are worthless servants, we are just doing our duty”. Like in the testimony we just read it may be the last fraction of a second of his lifetime that he is going to be saved. Even though we may never know of it we have gained a soul for Christ. Let Jesus be our accountant. We can be sure we will profit more than we deserve.

There are so many things that are going around us but people fail to realize that it is Gods’ hand that is working. They hear the good news but do not want to accept it. God is always working ever ready to accept anybody who wants to drink from the life of living waters. There is always a surplus. Prophet Ezekiel says he saw the living water flow down from the altar, the quantity of water was so much he was unable to cross it even by swimming. Jesus says “those who trust in him will have the living waters flow, as it was revealed to the prophet”. It flows and irrigates all the land. The Holy Spirit, which flows out from the believers, should irrigate those who are poor in spirit. Let all nations bear plenty of fruit-gift of the holy spirit- and leaves, which has medicinal value-promise to all believers that they will heal, the sick. There is enough life with Jesus to nourish all religions, nations and people irrespective of what they are. But who will take this living water to people who are thirsty. Lamentations 2:19 “Raise your hands to him for the lives of your children who faint with hunger at the end of every street”. Why do we let them faint with hunger and thirst when we know, what to do and where to go.

Soul of my Infant child

When I gave birth to my children I never asked them which milk do you like, breast feed or bottle feed. I gave them what I thought was best for them, breast feed. This is because I loved them and wanted them to have the best food available and it was available. When they started growing I never asked them what kind of dress they would like to wear or which school they would like to go. I gave them the best dress I could afford and sent them to a school, which I thought, was good enough. This was not different even in my case. I ate, wore and studied as my parents thought best. Most of us don’t regret what our parents gave us because a loving, caring parent knows what his child needs. Then why is it that some of us doubt weather our child should wait until maturity to be saved. If that’s the case then you should have waited until the child is mature and he/she tells you what kind of food he/she would like to eat and what dress he/she would like to wear and which school they prefer. If we had waited for that long then the child wouldn’t be alive in body and mind today. If we have the right as parents to make decisions for them for the development of their body and mind then why is it we wait for them to be mature do decide on their souls fate. So let us give them God (father, son and the holy spirit) as early as possible. If when they are mature they think that their parent was wrong in giving them Jesus when they were too young, then let them go their own way. They are risking their own soul and they themselves we be held responsible when they stand in front of the judgment seat. If you are ready to take up the responsibility of your Childs soul when you stand in front of the judgment seat then the choice is yours.

Soul of my dead brother

Consider your parent who is old and helpless falls into pit full of thorns or caught up in your house alone and the house is on fire. The first thing that comes to a loving child’s mind is to rescue the parent. We will not wait for the fire engine to reach the place. We will scream with all our might and acquire as much help from passers by or neighbours or anybody even our enemy. The enemy will definitely come to your parent’s rescue. If you think it is natural to help your parent’s body from being destroyed why haven’t we seriously thought about our ancestors whom the Satan is causing much suffering? St.. Padre Pio testifies he saw a soul going into heaven after forty years of agony when he offered a mass for the soul. This soul was a priest’s father. The Blessed Joeperasy testifies her convent mate who had died visited her in soul form and requested prayers because she was given a punishment for seven hundred years for the sins she committed while in human body, but after the blessed Joeprasy prayed for the soul, it came to thank blessed Joeperasy on her way to heaven.. The Satan is a liar and will not let you believe that praying for these souls can help them from eternal bondage. We must not waste our time there is not enough time to pray for these poor souls

“I am the god of Abraham, the god of Isaac and the God of Jacob he is not the god of dead but god of living.” To god, everybody is living whether he has departed from his earthly body or not.

So lets not waste our lives living a life of extravaganza, laziness, Idling but use all our time to pray for ourselves and pray for all those who need our prayers. Or we may be held responsible for these souls perishing in eternal fire. The gift of prayer was given to us freely so lets pray for all these arrogant souls-free of charge. And the Almighty and Loving God reward us justly.

To be saved is to accept Jesus as our saviour. There is none other in heaven nor on earth who can save us. So trust in him and you will be safe hands after death.



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